"The Voyages of Discovery" is a series of biographies concerning major discoverers of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It includes : Magellan, Pedro Cabral, Amerigo Vespucci, Bartolomeu Dias, and Vasco da Gama. Between them they discovered and opened up most of the then unknown world.



Francis Guillemard, Antonio Pigafetta, Francisco Albo, Gaspar Corra

The biography of Ferdinand Magellan (14801521), the commander of the first ships to sail around the world. Of the five ships and more than 270 men that set out on that voyage, only one ship completed it, with only eighteen men aboard, but Magellan was not one of them.  CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS



James Roxburgh MacClymont, William Brooks Greenlee, Pero Vaz de Caminha

The biography of Pedro Cabral (c1467 c1520), the Portuguese commander of a fleet of ships whose epic voyage to India led to the first crossing of the South Atlantic, the discovery of Brazil, the discovery of Madagascar, and trade between Europe and Asia around Africa. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS



Charles Lester Edwards, Amerigo Vespucci

The biography of Amerigo Vespucci (1451-1512), the Italian explorer whose discoveries led to the continent of America being named after him. His first voyage has been disputed because it meant that he had reached the mainland of America before Columbus. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS



Ernst Georg Ravenstein, William Brooks Greenlee, Pero Vaz de Caminha

The biography of the Portuguese discoverer Bartolomeu Dias (Bartholomew Diaz) (1450-1500). In 1488, he became the first European to sail around the southern tip of Africa. He subsequently took part in the voyages of discovery of Vasco da Gama and Pedro Cabral. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS




Ernest George Ravenstein, Gaspar Corra, Alvaro Velho

The biography of Vasco da Gama (1469-1524) the Portuguese explorer. He was the commander of the first ships to sail from Europe to India. Vasco da Gama's momentous voyage irreversibly changed the course of human history by opening up the sea route to the east. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS

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