Ernst Georg Ravenstein, William Brooks Greenlee, Pero Vaz de Caminha



The biography of the Portuguese discoverer Bartolomeu Dias (c1450-1500) who was the first European to sail around the southern tip of Africa. He subsequently took part in the great voyages of discovery of Vasco da Gama and Pedro Cabral.



TITLE : Bartolomeu Dias

AUTHORS : Ernst Georg Ravenstein, William Brooks Greenlee, Pero Vaz de Caminha

EDITORS : Keith Bridgeman, Tahira Arsham

PUBLICATION DATE : 3rd March 2010

ISBN-13 : 978-1-906421-03-8  (ISBN-10 : 1-906421-03-X)

FORMAT : Paperback



SIZE : 229 mm (height) x 152 mm (width) x 7 mm (depth)

WEIGHT : 193g





Chapters : 1 - The early life of Bartolomeu Dias,  2 - The first voyage of Diogo C„o (1482-1484), 3 - The second voyage of Diogo C„o (1485-1486), 4 - The voyage of Bartolomeu Dias (1487-1488), 5 - The first voyage of Columbus (1492-1493), 6 - The second voyage of Columbus (1493-1496), 7 - The voyage of Vasco da Gama, 8 - The fleet of Vasco da Gama, 9 - The crew of Vasco da Gama, 10 - The voyage to Cape Verde Islands, 11 - The voyage to India, 12 - The voyage of Pedro Cabral, 13 - The fleet of Pedro Cabral, 14 - The crew of Pedro Cabral, 15 - Vasco da Gama's memorandum, 16 - The discovery of Brazil,  17 - Pero Vaz de Caminha's account of the discovery, 18 - The anonymous narrative, 19 - The final voyage of Bartolomeu Dias





The biography of Bartolomeu Dias (Bartholomeu Dias, Bartholomew Diaz) (c1450-1500), the Portuguese explorer who was the first European to sail around the southern tip of Africa.

His discovery, which he described to his king in the presence of Christopher Columbus, opened up the sea route around Africa to India and the rest of Asia.

On his return, Bartolomeu Dias could have been considered the world's greatest discoverer. However, his discoveries did not cease there. Bartolomeu Dias was to take part in more important voyages of discovery than any other explorer.

Bartolomeu Dias finally captained a ship in the fleet of Pedro Cabral, which was one of the largest fleets that had ever sailed the Atlantic. It included the discovery of Brazil as one of its achievements. It was the longest voyage in history up to that time, and one of the greatest and most influential voyages of discovery ever made.

On passing the site of his discovery of the southern route around Africa Bartolomeu Dias had taken "leave of it as from a beloved son whom he never expected to see again". However, Bartolomeu Dias did return to the site of his greatest discovery, which unfortunately became the site of his greatest tragedy.


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Ernst Georg Ravenstein was born in Germany, but spent most of his life in England. For twenty years, he was in the service of the Topographical Department of the War Office. He subsequently became a professor of geography at Bedford College, and authored a number of books and maps. Pero Vaz de Caminha sailed in Pedro Cabralís flagship as a writer. One of the two letters sent by Pedro Cabral to the King of Portugal relating their discovery of Brazil was written by him on 1st May 1500. It is the first document describing the discovery of Brazil, and has sometimes been called the first page in the history of Brazil. William Brooks Greenlee left Cornell University near the end of the nineteenth century to travel the world, seeing evidence of the voyages of the discoverers. He brought together for the first time all of the widely scattered published and unpublished documents relating to the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century.





Bartolomeu Dias is part of a series of biographies concerning "The Voyages of Discovery" including : Vasco da Gama, Magellan, Pedro Cabral, Bartolomeu Dias, and Amerigo Vespucci. Between them they discovered and opened up most of the then unknown world. For more information go to VOYAGES OF DISCOVERY



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