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12th April - New research



Dopaminergic neurons, the cells involved in Parkinson's Disease, have been directly converted from astrocytes, which are a completely different type of cell.  The source of the cells were humans, and mice who did not have Parkinson's Disease. This is different from previous methods, which have aimed at transplanting the cells affected by the pathological process. The aim of the treatment is to eventually treat Parkinson's Disease.

The theory behind trying to replace the dopaminergic neurons in Parkinson's Disease is the assumption that there is a massive loss of the cells involved in Parkinson's Disease, and that the cells therefore need replacing. However, although it is widely believed that there is massive cell loss in Parkinson's Disease not a single study has ever shown this to be true. The study from which these claims originate showed that there was a major reduction in the activity of the cells involved in Parkinson's Disease, not a major loss of those cells. Consequently, any method aimed at replacing dopaminergic neurons does not have a sound scientific basis, and so would inevitably fail as have all attempts at ridding Parkinson's Disease by replacing dopaminergic neurons. For more news go to Parkinson's Disease News

Reference : Nature Biotechnology [2017] Apr 10 [Epub ahead of print] (P.R.di Val Cervo, R.A.Romanov, G.Spigolon, D.Masini, E.Martín-Montañez, E.M.Toledo, G.La Manno, M.Feyder, C.Pifl, Y.H.Ng, S.P.Sánchez, S.Linnarsson, M.Wernig, T.Harkany,G.Fisone, E.Arenas) Complete abstract

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