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12th February 2017 - News release



The L-dopa inhaler CVT-301 significantly improved Parkinson's Disease symptoms in clinical trials. CVT-301 utilizes ARCUS® for inhaled therapeutics. CVT-301 is designed to deliver a precise dose of a dry powder formulation of L-dopa. Inhaled treatments enter the body through the lungs and then reach the brain far more quickly, by bypassing the digestive system. For more information go to dementia : Arcus

A Phase 3 clinical trial of patients who received CVT-301 in addition to their oral carbidopa/levodopa showed a significant improvement in motor function in people with Parkinson's Disease experiencing OFF periods. Two doses of were assessed - 84 mg and 60 mg (equivalent to 50 mg and 35 mg fine-particle doses). Out of 339 patients, only 6 taking 60mg, and only 2 taking 84mg reported serious adverse effects. The safety profile of CVT-301 was consistent with the Phase IIb clinical trial.

In a previous study the effect of the L-dopa inhaler was around 10 minutes, which is far quicker than the effect of L-dopa when it is taken orally. This would enable the widespread additional use of the L-dopa inhaler for when a quicker effect is required. Acorda said it will file an NDA with the FDA (the U.S. medicines authority) by the end of the second quarter, and a marketing authorisation application with the European Medicines Agency by the end of 2017, pending additional data analyses.  News release : News release   For more news go to Parkinson's Disease News

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