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14th July 2013 - New research


Movement Disorders [2013] Jul 8 [Epub ahead of print] (R.Ceravolo, G.Cossu, M.B.di Poggio, L.Santoro, P.Barone, M.Zibetti, D.Frosini, V.Nicoletti, F.Manganelli, R.Iodice, M.Picillo, A.Merola, L.Lopiano, A.Paribello, D.Manca, M.Melis, R.Marchese, P.Borelli, A.Mereu, P.Contu, G.Abbruzzese, U.Bonuccelli) Complete abstract

L-dopa has been found to increase the risk of neuropathy. Neuropathy is a collection of medical disorders that occur when nerves of the peripheral nervous system are damaged by various means.

Motor nerve damage leads to symptoms such as muscle weakness, cramps, spasms, a loss of balance and coordination. People may find it difficult to walk, feel like they have heavy legs, stumble, or tire easily. Damage to arm nerves may make it difficult to do routine tasks like carry bags, open jars, or turn door knobs. Sensory nerve damage can cause tingling, numbness, pinching and pain. Autonomic nerve damage can lead to abnormal blood pressure and heart rate, reduced ability to perspire, constipation, bladder dysfunction, diarrhea, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and thinning of the skin. For more information go to Neuropathy

Those people taking L-dopa for more than 3 years were most affected with nearly 20% of them being diagnosed with neuropathy. Only 7% of those people taking L-dopa for less than three years were diagnosed with neuropathy. The risk of neuropathy was not influenced by : Parkinson's Disease duration, severity of Parkinson's Disease or gender. The risk of neuropathy increased by approximately 8% for each year of age. The L-dopa dosages were higher in those affected. So L-dopa dosage and duration and age were the main risk factors for neuropathy. For a printable version of this article click here. For more news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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