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3rd May 2013 - New research


BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology [2013] 14 (1) : 24 (U.E.Gasser, A.Fischer, J.P.Timmermans, I.Arnet)  Complete abstract

Madopar was compared against  seven generic versions of Madopar to see if they were as good as Madopar. Madopar, which is for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease consists of L-dopa and benserazide, which helps to prevent the breakdown of L-dopa before it is made use of. It is therefore the equivalent of Sinemet. Madopar and Sinemet differ according to which countries they are available in. For more information go to Madopar. A generic version is supposed to be interchangeable. However, generic versions are often different from the original.

Every one of the seven generic versions of Madopar had one or two parameters outside the specifications of Madopar. Deviations for the active ingredients ranged from 8% more benserazide to 7% less L-dopa in two of the tablet formulations. Degradation products were measured in marked excess (26% more) in one capsule formulation, and so could pose a safety concern. Deviations for the active ingredients may go unnoticed by a new user of the generic product but may entail clinical consequences when switching over. The results suggest caution when prescribing a generic version of Madopar or any other generic.  For a printable version of this article click here. For more news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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