27th September 2012 - New research


Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry [2012] 83 (10) : 1027-1029 (Glass PG, Lees AJ, Bacellar A, Zijlmans J, Katzenschlager R, Silveira-Moriyama L.) Complete abstract

Vascular Parkinsonism is produced by strokes that affect the basal ganglia in the brain. A stroke is the loss of activity of a discreet area of the brain because of blockage of the blood supply to that brain region. Researchers evaluated in detail the clinical features in confirmed cases of Vascular Parkinsonism. Those assessed in the study had an average age of onset at 70 years old, and had Parkinson's Disease for an average of just over 10 years. 

Bradykinesia (slow movement) was present in everybody who had Vascular Parkinsonism. Rigidity was present in almost everybody (96% of cases). Falls were present in 76%, pyramidal signs in 54%, urinary incontinence in 50% and dementia in 39%. None of them had visual hallucinations. Two thirds of them developed Vascular Parkinsonism in a seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effects. The progression of the disability was then relentless. People with Vascular Parkinsonism had an older age of onset than those people who had Parkinson's Disease. This pattern of symptoms might help distinguish Vascular Parkinsonism from Parkinson's Disease. For a printable version of this article click hereFor more news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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