1st July 2012 - New research


Neurology 2012 Jun 27 [Epub ahead of print] (Lewitt PA, Hauser RA, Lu M, Nicholas AP, Weiner W, Coppard N, Leinonen M, Savola JM.)  Complete abstract

Fipamezole is a new a(2)-adrenergic receptor antagonist being assessed for its use in treating the dyskinesia that can occur in Parkinson's Disease. Dyskinesia is abnormal physical movements, in the form of writhing or jerky movements, that can be caused by chronic use of L-dopa. Over half of people taking L-dopa can eventually be affected by dyskinesia. The following video shows mild to moderate dyskinesia Video. The following video shows severe dyskinesia Video.

The study was carried out in the U.S.A. and India. The total study population showed no statistically significant difference. However, because of the differences between the  U.S. and Indian study populations, a prespecified subgroup analysis of U.S. subjects was conducted, showing fipamezole at 90 mg moderately reduced dyskinesia that was due to to L-dopa. The response was shown to be according to the dose used when assessing the different dosages (30mg, 60mg, and 90 mg fipamezole). Fipamezole induced mild and transient blood pressure elevation and was associated with what the authors describe as "an acceptable profile of adverse effects." For a printable version of this article click hereFor more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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