4th March 2012 - New research


Journal of Neurology [2011] 258 (11) : 2048-2053 (Hassin-Baer S, Molchadski I, Cohen OS, Nitzan Z, Efrati L, Tunkel O, Kozlova E, Korczyn AD.) Complete abstract

L-dopa induced dyskinesias are commonly observed during the long-term treatment of people with Parkinson's Disease. Dyskinesia is involuntary jerking movements as can be seen in this Michael J.Fox video.  The effect of factors other than drugs on the time taken to develop dyskinesias was not known. So researchers assessed factors associated with the time taken for L-dopa induced dyskinesias to appear.

People with L-dopa induced dyskinesias (LID) were younger when Parkinson's Disease first developed. So developing Parkinson's Disease early makes L-dopa induced dyskinesias more likely. A longer time from diagnosis to being treated for Parkinson's Disease also increased the likelihood of developing L-dopa induced dyskinesias. Age and how long somebody had Parkinson's Disease had no effect on the likelihood of developing L-dopa induced dyskinesias. Females were found to be more prone to developing L-dopa induced dyskinesias more quickly, with an average of 4 years rather than 6 years for men. For a printable version of this article click hereFor more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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