4th September 2011 - New research


Nutrition Reviews [2011] 69 (9) : 520-532 (J.M.Sheard, S.Ash, P.A.Silburn, G.K.Kerr) Complete abstract

Malnutrition has been found to occur in up to 24% of people with Parkinson's Disease. Up to 60% of people with Parkinson's Disease have been found to be at risk of malnutrition. However, the studies assessed vary greatly in their figures. People with Parkinson's Disease may be at higher risk of malnutrition because of the symptoms associated with Parkinson's Disease and the side effects of the medication used to manage it. A decline in nutritional status is associated with many adverse outcomes related to health and quality of life. The researchers consequently suggest that it is important to screen for malnutrition at the time of Parkinson's Disease diagnosis.

Dopamine, whose deficiency causes Parkinson's Disease, is often falsely assumed to be inevitably produced unless toxicity interferes with its formation. However, dopamine is made from dietary substances, including vitamins, minerals and L-tyrosine, which is usually obtained from high protein foods. For more information go to the Biochemistry of Parkinson's Disease. The deficiency of any of these nutrients could consequently  lessen the amount of dopamine produced. The malnutrition that is common in Parkinson's Disease could therefore not only contribute to its onset but could worsen the symptoms over time even further.  For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.

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