1st July 2011 - News release


The National Parkinson Foundation has awarded more than a million dollars for three Parkinson's Disease projects : (1) an advanced biomarker study for indicating Parkinson's Disease, (2) a clinical trial to treat memory impairment, and (3) a study of the effectiveness of a treatment for sleep apnea in Parkinson's Disease.

1. An advanced biomarker study will examine people with Parkinsonís Disease to measure the shapes of deep structures in the brain.  The goal is to develop a biomarker (an indicator) for Parkinsonís Disease. This new technique combines advances in computing power with established and inexpensive imaging techniques.

2. Motor learning involves practicing a task followed by forming a habit - a short-cut in the brain to do a complex motion. This study will investigate this process and how it is affected by Parkinson's Disease. They will then attempt to improve motor learning by stimulating neurons using TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).  TMS therapy has been shown to activate neurons in the brain and can be targeted to those associated with motor learning.

3. A study of the effectiveness of a treatment for sleep apnea in Parkinson's Disease. This study will evaluate the prevalence of sleep disordered breathing (SDB) and test the effectiveness of a common SDB treatment in people with Parkinsonís  Disease.  Sleep disturbance in Parkinson's Disease has been highlighted as having a measurable impact on quality of life, and also contributing to trauma and injury associated with reduced vigilance due to fatigue.

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