25th March 2011 - New research


Neuroimmunomodulation [2011] 18 (4) :  240-244 (Scalzo P, de Miranda AS, Guerra Amaral DC, de Carvalho Vilela M, Cardoso F, Teixeira AL.) Complete abstract

Neuro-inflammation is often claimed to be a cause or contributor to the cause of Parkinson's Disease by damaging or interfering with the dopaminergic neurons (the cells involved in Parkinson's Disease). Neuro-inflammation is often a response of the Central Nervous System to injury. Chemokines play a role in the effect of inflammatory diseases. For more information go to Chemokines. So the levels of chemokines were compared in people with and
without Parkinson's Disease. The levels of the Chemokines  CCL3, CCL11, CCL24, CXCL8 and CXCL10 were assessed. The levels of the chemokines were then related to the severity of Parkinson's Disease. Each person with Parkinson's Disease was assessed using three different measures of Parkinson's Disease. However, the researchers found no difference in the levels of chemokines between people with and without Parkinson's Disease. So chemokines are not indicators of Parkinson's Disease. Also, the idea that Parkinson's Disease is due to inflammation of the Central Nervous System was largely nullified. For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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