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Klinica Oczna [2010] 112 (7-9) : 247-252 (Nowacka B, Lubinski W, Karczewicz D.) Complete abstract

Based on the available medical literature, the authors described the most frequent ocular diseases (eye disorders) and symptoms, as well as bioelectrical dysfunction of the visual pathway in patients with Parkinson's Disease. The most frequent eye disorders in Parkinson's Disease were found to be dry eye syndrome and glaucoma. In Dry Eye Syndrome, the lack of moistness in the eyes can cause eyes to become dry, itchy, red, gritty, or blurred. For more
information go to Dry Eye Syndrome. In Glaucoma, the optic nerve fibers become damaged. Small blind spots can occur, and can develop in to significant loss of vision. Most people with glaucoma do not notice the symptoms until they have significant loss of vision. For more information go to Glaucoma. A quarter of people with Parkinson's Disease have visual hallucinations. The visual hallucinations are usually due to an excess of dopaminergic drugs such as L-dopa in its various forms, or dopamine agonists. Visual hallucinations are not normally due to a problem with the structure of the eyes. For more information go to Hallucinations in Parkinson's Disease. For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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