30th December 2010 - New research


Movement Disorders [2010] 25 (12) : 1809-1817 (Lo RY, Tanner CM, Van Den Eeden SK, Albers KB, Leimpeter AD, Nelson LM.) Complete abstract

Cancer has often been linked positively or negatively with Parkinson's Disease. The aim of this study was to evaluate the occurrence of cancer before and after the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. The prevalence of cancer was not found to be significantly lower in people with Parkinson's Disease as had been previously claimed. However, among
specific cancers, melanoma was found to be more common among people with Parkinson's Disease. This increased prevalence was not related to the use of dopaminergic drugs such as L-dopa and dopamine agonists. So they are not the cause. Parkinson's Disease and the skin are oddly associated, because both dopamine, whose deficiency causes Parkinson's Disease, and melanin, the pigment that causes skin to darken, are both made from L-dopa. So the inability to produce sufficient L-dopa that causes Parkinson's Disease  would also affect the ability to produce sufficient L-dopa in order to produce the melanin pigment that protects skin against the sun.  For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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