7th September 2010 - New research


Journal of Neural Transmission [2010] Aug 29. [Epub ahead of print] (Debs R, Cochen De Cock V, Nègre-Pagès L, Aristin M, Senard A, Rascol O.)  Complete abstract

Thought disorders have been found to be present in a quarter of people with Parkinson's Disease. Thought disorders can involve :  changing quickly from one idea to another, mixing thoughts together, sudden cessation of thoughts. For more information go to
Thought disorders. One in five people with Parkinson's Disease had vivid dreams. Only 4% of people with Parkinson's Disease had harmless hallucinations. In the study carried out, none of the people assessed had delusions. Those people with thought disorders were found to be more dependent than others. Thought disorders were also associated with : longer duration of Parkinson's Disease, greater Parkinson's Disease symptom scores, the presence of motor complications. Thought disorders were also associated with tremor, dysautonomia (malfunction of the autonomic nervous system), lower MMSE score (a test of cognitive impairment), depression and sleep disorders. Much of this can be attributed to an excess of Parkinson's Disease drugs, because the low dopamine of Parkinson's Disease does not lead to most of these symptoms. For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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