1st September 2010 - New research


Journal of Human Genetics [2010] 55 (4) : 241-243 (T.H.Hamza, H.Payami) Complete abstract

Researchers questioned whether the evidence for the genetic likelihood of Parkinson's Disease could be explained by the susceptibility genes that have already been identified. They estimated heritability of risk and age at onset of Parkinson's Disease in a large sample of families. After excluding families with known genetic mutations and accounting for the main genes likely to cause Parkinson's Disease, they found the likelihood of inheriting Parkinson's Disease to be 41%. However, this study did not take account of families passing on their non-genetic factors, such as physical environment, dietary habits, and medicine use. In order to properly assess the genetic likelihood of developing Parkinson's Disease they would need to assess twins separated at birth. However, even when twins not separated at birth were assessed, it was found that the genetic likelihood of developing Parkinson's Disease was only 10% in twins. For more details go to the Complete abstract. The results suggest that Parkinson's Disease is not inherited except in the rarer cases, where there is a  specific genetic mutation. For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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