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The International Society for Stem Cell Research has published an online report that aims to educate those who might be tempted, by providing criteria for people to evaluate claims made by clinics around the world that offer stem cell treatments. For the full details go to A closer look at stem cell treatments. The International Society for Stem Cell Research Society is assessing stem cell clinics, and asking them to provide evidence in support of their claims of efficacy. Stem cell therapy clinics can now be found in China, Central America, Russia, Europe and the United States. According to the head of Canada's Stem Cell Network "It's irresponsible and despicable" that many overseas clinics are purporting to offer stem cell treatments for people with illnesses without any scientific evidence". "Around the world, really the only proven treatments relating to stem cells are for blood - using blood stem cells to treat various blood disorders, predominantly various types of cancer - and some wound healing with some skin treatments, and there's been some work done with the cornea," said Drew Lyall of the Stem Cell Network. "If you go to the websites of many of these companies you'll see that they're claiming to cure Parkinson's Disease and there's just no scientific evidence for that." For more information go to the complete news report.

It is often claimed that there is a massive loss of the cells involved in Parkinson's Disease, and that stem cell therapy is necessary in order to replace the lost cells. However, not a single study has ever actually shown that there is massive cell loss in Parkinson's Disease. For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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