22nd April 2010 - New research


International journal of Neuroscience [2010] 120 (5) : 361-367 (Hristina VD, Sipetic SB, Maksimovic JM, Marinkovic JM, Dzoljic ED, Ratkov IS, Kostic VS.)  Complete abstract
Researchers assessed the association between Parkinson's Disease and a variety of environmental factors. Of these, Parkinson's Disease was, by far, the most highly associated with the use of dyes. Use of dyes increased the likelihood of Parkinson's Disease by 25 times, which is far more than other environmental factors commonly believed to increase the likelihood of Parkinson's Disease. The researchers make no suggestion as to which chemicals in dyes
caused the strong association between the use of dyes and Parkinson's Disease. However, some dyes include chemicals such as toluene, that are known causes of Parkinson's Disease. The other factors they found associated with Parkinson's Disease in order of likelihood are : naphtha, which is a product of petroleum (9 times more likely), and the following, all probably because of pesticides : gardening (5 times more likely), insecticides (3 times more likely), well water drinking (2 times more likely), spring water drinking (2 times more likely). For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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