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Clinical Neuropharmacology [2009] 32 (6) : 305-310 (Lou JS, Dimitrova DM, Park BS, Johnson SC, Eaton R, Arnold G, Nutt JG.) Complete abstract
                                                                                                                                                                                 Fatigue is a major symptom in Parkinson's Disease. It is associated with reduced activity and lower quality of life. Modafinil has been considered for use in the treatment of fatigue in Parkinson's Disease due to its ability to release dopamine. For more information go to Modafinil. A study has determined whether Modafinil improves subjective fatigue and physical fatigability in Parkinson's Disease. After a month Modafinil made no difference. After two months Modafinil helped to some extent with physical fatigue. However for fatigue generally it still had no effect. The primary problem in Parkinson's Disease is the inability to produce optimal amounts of dopamine. The reason for the ineffectiveness of Modafinil in Parkinson's Disease may be due to it only releasing dopamine. It doesn't form any additional dopamine in order for more to be released.
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