19th December 2009 - New research


Neurology [2009] 73 (24) : 2112-2119 (Uc EY, Rizzo M, Johnson AM, Dastrup E, Anderson SW, Dawson JD.) Complete abstract

Overall, drivers with Parkinson's Disease had poorer road safety when driving, when compared to people that did not have Parkinson's Disease. However, there was found to be considerable variability among the drivers with Parkinson's Disease. Some of them performed normally, or even better than normal. Drivers with Parkinson's Disease committed more safety errors compared to controls. Over three quarters of people with Parkinson's Disease committed more errors. However, the number of errors was not much greater (only 1.26 times more).  Lane violations were the most common error category, but that was the same for people that did not have Parkinson's Disease. Older age made errors more likely in Parkinson's Disease.  Familiarity with the local driving environment made differences in some error categories insignificant.
Although it is often assumed that Parkinson's Disease makes driving more difficult, overall it does not reduce driving ability by much in most people, and in some not at all.
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