26th November 2009 - New research


Annals of Neurology [2009] 66 (5) : 591-596 (Olanow CW, Kordower JH, Lang AE, Obeso JA.) Complete abstract

For years, cell-based therapies that involve the transplantation of dopaminergic cells in to the brain have attracted considerable interest as possible treatments for Parkinson's Disease. However, all of the double-blind, sham-controlled, studies have failed to meet their hoped for efficacy. Transplantation of dopamine cells derived from the fetal mesencephalon is also associated with a potentially disabling form of dyskinesia that persists even after withdrawal of L-dopa.

In addition, disability in advanced patients primarily results from features that are not primarily due to insufficient dopamine. These features are not adequately controlled with dopaminergic therapies and are thus unable to respond to dopaminergic transplants. Implanted dopaminergic neurons have also recently been found to contain Lewy bodies, which are signs of cell damage, suggesting that even after transplantation they are dysfunctional and may have been affected by the Parkinson's Disease process. Although stem cell therapies have been tried in Parkinson's Disease based on the claim that there is a massive loss of dopamine producing cells in Parkinson's Disease, not a single study has ever shown this to be true. For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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