16th August 2009 - New report


According to a new report, Depomed are developing a new drug called DM-1992 that could outperform Sinemet in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease. For their report click here. The details are on page 20. Just like Sinemet, DM-1992 is a combination of L-dopa and carbidopa, which prevents the breakdown of L-dopa.  DM-1992 also includes AcuForm, which makes use of the properties of certain polymers. These polymers have long been used to "fluff" ice cream and are safe to use. For more information go to Depomed.

Upon entering the stomach an AcuForm coated pill expands and is retained in the stomach for up to 8 hours. This helps to deliver a drug like Sinemet over a longer period of time. Depomed's formulation was able to extend the therapeutic duration of L-dopa to nine hours, compared to Sinemet CR's seven hours. The time to reach peak blood levels was extended to four hours compared to 2 hours for Sinemet CR. These advantages could enable a decrease in the dosage of L-dopa, and the ridding of side effects such as nausea and dyskinesia. For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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