12th June 2009 - New research


Archives of Ophthalmology [2009] 127 (6) : 737-741 (Hajee ME, March WF, Lazzaro DR, Wolintz AH, Shrier EM, Glazman S, Bodis-Wollner IG.) Complete abstract 

People with Parkinson's Disease have been found to suffer a thinning of the retina. The retina is a light sensitive tissue lining the inner surface of the eye that is essential for vision. For more information about the retina go to Retina. A study quantified the thickness of the retina in people with Parkinson's Disease. No difference was found in the thickness of the outer retinal layer in Parkinson's Disease, when compared to people of the same age that don't have Parkinson's Disease. However, the thickness of the inner layer of the retina was found to be significantly reduced in Parkinson's Disease. This lessening of the retina could affect eyesight as Parkinson's Disease progresses. This effect on the retina may be because dopamine, whose deficiency causes Parkinson's Disease, besides being produced in the brain, is also produced in the retina, and so is liable to cause deficiency symptoms there as well. For more current news go to Parkinson's Disease News.


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