24th October 2008 - New research


Acta Neurologica Belgica [2008] 108 (2) : 48-52 (Leventoglu A, Baysal AI.) Complete abstract

Although tremor is often considered to be a characteristic symptom of Parkinson's Disease, about 30% of people who have Parkinson's Disease don't have tremor. However, there are some people with Parkinson's Disease whose symptoms are virtually only tremor. Researchers analysed what happened to people whose first symptoms were tremor, in order to see if they eventually developed other symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, such as rigidity and bradykinesia (slowing of movement). Even amongst those people with only tremor there were found to be different
types : those with rest tremor, mainly in the upper limbs; those with rest tremor only in a lower limb; and those with only jaw tremor. Some patients with pure Parkinsonian tremor were found to be without bradykinesia or rigidity for a long time. This means that instead of the typical (and false view) of Parkinson's Disease including tremor, rigidity and bradykinesia (slowing of movement), that there were those at one extreme with only tremor, and those at the other extreme who have no tremor at all. There is therefore clearly no characteristic set of symptoms that define Parkinson's Disease.



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