4th August 2008 - News report

A ten year old with Parkinson's Disease

At the age of ten, Andrew Carnegie who is now 12 years old, started developing Parkinson's Disease symptoms. He suffered from stiffness and cramps in the muscles. He lost his balance easily, and fell frequently. Numerous attempts at obtaining a diagnosis failed. He was not readily diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease because he was so much younger than the false and stereotypical view of Parkinson's Disease only occurring in old people. After he was eventually diagnosed, regular Sinemet readily rid his symptoms. For more information go to the Complete article. There have previously been children even younger than 10 years old who have had Parkinson's Disease. The youngest known case of Parkinson's Disease was described in 1875 by Henri Huchard who had a patient that had all of the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease who was only three years old. A ten year old American girl experienced her first symptom at only two years old. It is uncommon for people under the age of thirty to develop Parkinson's Disease, which usually occurs when people are significantly older. However, Parkinson's Disease does not become progressively more likely with age, because amongst the very oldest of people (those between 110 and 119 years old) Parkinson's Disease is hardly known.



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