Muhammad Ali, Amerian boxer (1942-2016)

Yasser Arafat, Palestinian politician (1929–2004)

Jim Backus, American actor (1913-1989)

Roger Bannister, British Athlete (1929)

Sir John Betjeman, British Poet Laureate (1906-1984)

Boyi Bhimanna, Telugu poet (1911-2005)

Whit Bissell, American actor (1909-1996)

Margaret Bourke-White, American photographer (1904-1971)

Antonio Cervantes, Colombian boxer (1945)

Owen Chamberlain, American physicist (1920-2006)

Prince Claus, husband of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (1926-2002)

Billy Connolly, Scottish Comedian (1942)

Joe Cook, American actor (1890-1959)

George Coulouris, British actor (1903-1989)

Jordan Cronenweth, American cinematographer (1935-1996)

Salvador Dalν, Spanish artist (1904-1989)

Basil D'Oliveira, South African cricketer (1931-2011)

James Doohan, Canadian actor (1920-2005)

Robert Dryden, American actor (1917-2003)

Michael J. Fox, Canadian actor (1961)

Franco, Spanish dictator (1892-1975)

Kirk Gibson, American baseball player (1957)

Carlos Antonio Gomes, Portuguese footballer (1932-2005)

Reverend Billy Graham, American evangelist (1918)

Brian Grant, American basketball player (1972)

Forrest Gregg, American football player (1933)

Nathan Heard, American novelist (1937-2004)

George Roy Hill, Film director (1921-2002)

Phil Hill, Motor racing driver (1927-2008)

Adolf Hitler, German Dictator (1889-1945)

Bob Hoskins, British actor (1942-2014)

Alexander Issigonis, Car designer (1906-1988)

Mary Jackson, American actress (1910-2005)

Ba Jin, Chinese writer (1904-2005)

Pope John Paul II, Polish Pope (1920-2005)

Ray Kennedy, British footballer (1951)

Deborah Kerr, British actress (1921-2007)

Jansher Khan, Pakistani squash player (1969)

Guy Kibbee, American actor (1882-1956)

Jimmy Knepper, American jazz trombonist (1927-2003)

Ted Kroll, American golfer (1919–2002)

Udo Lattek, German football coach (1935-2015)

Walter Lord, American author (1917–2002)

Ferdy Mayne, German actor (1916-1998)

Eugene McCarthy, American politician (1916–2005)

Ralph McQuarrie, American film artist (1929-2012)

Alois Mock, former Austrian foreign minister (1934)

Eugenio Monti, Italian bobsledder (1928-2003)

Kenneth More, British actor (1914-1982)

Giulio Natta, Italian chemist (1903-1979)

Anna Neagle, British actress (1904-1986)

Norman Panama, American writer, producer and director (1914-2003)

Dave Parker, American baseball player (1951)

Joseph Pasternak, American film director (1901–1991)

Mervyn Peake, British author (1911-1968)

Enoch Powell, British politician (1912-1998)

Vincent Price, American actor (1911-1993)

Michael Redgrave, British actor (1908-1985)

Janet Reno, American politician (1938-2016)

Frederick Roach, American boxing trainer (1960)

Linda Ronstadt, American singer (1946)

Sonia Rykiel, French fashion designer (1930-2016)

Frank Sherwood Rowland, American chemist (1927-2012)

Leonid Shamkovich, Russian Chess grandmaster (1923-2005)

Walter Sisulu, South African freedom fighter (1912-2003)

Terry Thomas, British actor (1911-1990)

Jeremy Thorpe, British politician (1921-2014)

Pierre Trudeau, Canadian politician (1919-2000)

John Walker, New Zealand athlete (1952)

Tim Wall, Australian cricketer (1904-1981)

George Wallace, American politician (1919-1998)

Ed Weinberger, American furniture designer (1942)

Maurice White, American singer and songwriter (1941-2016)

Albert Whitlock, American matte artist (1915-1999)

Edward Winter, American actor (1937-2001)

Deng Xiaoping, Chinese politician (1904-1997)

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore politician (1923-2015)

Mao Zedong, Chinese politician (1893-1976)



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